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TOP > Life of Tecumseh, and of His Brother the ProphetWith a Historical Sketch of the Shawanoe Indians【電子書籍】[ Benjamin Drake ]

Life of Tecumseh, and of His Brother the ProphetWith a Historical Sketch of the Shawanoe Indians【電子書籍】[ Benjamin Drake ]

<p>Life of Tecumseh, and of His Brother the Prophet<br /> With a Historical Sketch of the Shawanoe Indians</p> <p>This edition features a linked Table of Contents and Footnotes.</p> <p>CONTENTS<br /> HISTORY OF THE SHAWANOE INDIANS<br /> CATAHECASSA, or BLACK-HOOF<br /> CORNSTALK<br /> SPEMICA-LAWBA, the HIGH HORN; or, CAPTAIN LOGAN</p> <p>THE LIFE OF TECUMSEH.<br /> CHAPTER I.<br /> Parentage of Tecumsehーhis sister Tecumapeaseーhis brother Cheeseekan, Sauweeseekau, Nehasseemo, Tenskwautawa or the Prophet, and Kumakauka<br /> CHAPTER II<br /> . Birth place of Tecumsehーdestruction of the Piqua villageーearly habits of Tecumsehーhis first battleーeffort to abolish the burning of prisonersーvisits the Cherokees in the southーengages in several battlesーreturns to Ohio in the autumn of 1790<br /> CHAPTER III.<br /> Tecumseh attacked near Big Rock by some whites under Robert M'Clellandーsevere battle with some Kentuckians on the East Fork of the Little Miamiーattack upon Tecumseh in 1793, on the waters of Paint creekーTecumseh present at the attack on fort Recovery in 1794ーparticipates in the battle of the Rapids of the Maumee, in 1794<br /> CHAPTER IV.<br /> Tecumseh's skill as a hunterーdeclines attending the treaty of Greenville in 1796ーin 1796 removed to Great Miamiーin 1798 joined a party of Delawares on White river, Indianaーin 1799 attended a council between the whites and Indians near Urbanaーanother at Chillicothe in 1803ーmakes an able speechーremoves with the Prophet to Greenville, in 1805ーthe latter commences prophecyingーcauses the death of Teteboxti, Patterson, Coltos, and Joshuaーgovernor Harrison's speech to the Prophet to arrest these murderersーeffort of Wells the U.S. Indian agent to prevent Tecumseh and the Prophet from assembling the Indians at GreenvilleーTecumseh's speech in replyーhe attends a council at Chillicotheーspeech on that occasionーcouncil at SpringfieldーTecumseh principal speaker and actor<br /> CHAPTER V.<br /> Governor Harrison's address to the Shawanoe chiefs at Greenvilleーthe Prophet's replyーhis influence felt among the remote tribesーhe is visited in 1808 by great numbers of IndiansーTecumseh and the Prophet remove to Tippecanoeーthe latter sends a speech to governor Harrisonーmakes him a visit at Vincennes<br /> CHAPTER VI.<br /> Tecumseh visits the Wyandotsーgovernor Harrison's letter about the Prophet to the Secretary of WarーBritish influence over the IndiansーTecumseh burns governor Harrison's letter to the chiefsーgreat alarm in Indiana, in consequence of the assemblage of the Indians at Tippecanoeーdeath of Leatherlips, a Wyandot chief, on a charge of witchcraft<br /> CHAPTER VII.<br /> Governor Harrison makes another effort to ascertain the designs of Tecumseh and the ProphetーTecumseh visits the governor at Vincennes, attended by four hundred warriorsーa council is heldーTecumseh becomes deeply excited, and charges governor Harrison with falsehoodーcouncil broken up in disorderーrenewed the next day<br /> CHAPTER VIII.<br /> Alarm on the frontier continuesーa Muskoe Indian killed at Vincennesーgovernor Harrison sends a pacific speech to Tecumseh and the Prophetーthe former replies to itーin July Tecumseh visits governor Harrison at Vincennesーdisavows any intention of making war upon the whitesーexplains his object in forming a union among the tribesーgovernor Harrison's opinion of Tecumseh and the Prophetーmurder of the Deaf ChiefーTecumseh visits the southern Indians<br /> CHAPTER IX.<br /> Governor Harrison applies to the War Department for troops to maintain peace on the frontiersーbattle of Tippecanoe on the 7th of Novemberーits influence on the Prophet and his followers<br /> CHAPTER X.<br /> Tecumseh returns from the southーproposes to visit the President, but declines, because not permitted to go to Washington at the head of a partyーattends a council at fort Wayneーproceeds to Malden and joins the Britishーgovernor Harrison's letter to the War Department relative to the north-west tribes<br /> CHAPTER XI.<br /> Tecumseh participates in the battle of Brownstownーcommands the Indians in the action near Maguagaーpresent at Hull's surrenderーgeneral Brock presents him his military sashーattack on Chicago brought about by Tecumseh<br /> CHAPTER XII.<br /> Siege of fort MeigsーTecumseh commands the Indiansーacts with intrepidityーrescues the American prisoners from the tomahawk and scalping knife, after Dudley's defeatーreported agreement between Proctor and Tecumseh, that general Harrison, if taken prisoner, should be delivered to the latter to be burned<br /> CHAPTER XIII.<br /> Tecumseh present at the second attack on fort Meigsーhis stratagem of a sham-battle to draw out general Clayーis posted in the Black Swamp with two thousand warriors at the time of the attack on fort Stephensonーfrom thence passes by land to Maldenーcompels general Proctor to release an American prisonerーthreatens to desert the British causeーurges an attack upon the American fleetーopposes Proctor's retreat from Maldenーdelivers a speech to him on that occasion<br /> CHAPTER XIV.<br /> Retreat of the combined British and Indian army to the river Thamesーskirmish at Chatham with the troops under general HarrisonーTecumseh slightly wounded in the armーbattle on the Thames on the 5th of OctoberーTecumseh's death<br /> CHAPTER XV.<br /> Critical examination of the question "who killed Tecumseh?"ーcolonel R.M. Johnson's claim considered<br /> CHAPTER XVI.<br /> Mr. Jefferson's opinion of the Prophetーbrief sketch of his characterーanecdotes of Tecumsehーa review of the great principles of his plan of union among the tribesーgeneral summary of his life and character</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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